Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Bitten By The Bittern

I don't profess to know anything about Steam trains, other than bits I've looked up on the internet. But with the Severn Valley Railway being on the comparative doorstep I do admit to spending the odd Saturday afternoon on the platform at Bridgnorth with a pint in hand, sitting in the sun taking in the whole 'steam thing'.
During one such previous visit some years ago, I remember being fascinated by what turned out to be an A4 class locomotive. I can't remember which one of the A4 survivors it was, but I do remember I didn't have a camera at the time.
Anyway returning from Wales after working on a recent rally I popped into Bridgnorth on my way home only to find that the SVR was in the final two hours of its Spring Gala and there was an A4, Bittern, running. Not only was Bittern running but it was shortly to leave Bridgnorth for its final run of the day to Kidderminster, so a decision was made to try and catch Bittern on route. As I passed the numerous cars littered around the Shropshire countryside along the route of the Severn Valley Railway I decided that trying to park, walk and get set up for a photo was too risky, so I would play safe and head for a station. The station of choice became Hampton Loade as I knew at both Highley and Arley I would have to park away and walk back to the stations risking missing Bittern.
Once I'd got to Hampton Loade, the station was of course bustling with people and after pacing up and down the platform several times I just couldn't get comfortable with the location. Time was now tight so there was only one thing for it, a quick walk back up the lane and shoot Bittern crossing the road as it enters the station. Once in place I made the decision to shoot Bittern a little early, it meant that I lost part of the tender behind a building but I kept the GWR sign out of the picture and kept the engine away from the heavy shadows of the adjacent trees. Anyway after a little bit of work in photoshop I'm quite happy with the result....

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

4464 Bittern is a London and North Eastern Railway Class A4 steam locomotive. Built for the LNER in 1937 at Doncaster Works as works number 1866, it was originally numbered 4464. It was renumbered 19 on 16 August 1946 under the LNER 1946 renumbering scheme and after nationalisation in 1948 BR added 60000 to its number so it became 60019 on 10 October 1948. It is a Pacific 4-6-2 locomotive to the same design by Sir Nigel Gresley as the more famous A4 Mallard and one of the 35 strong class. It is one of six to survive into preservation and is one of two currently certified for mainline use.

Tonemapped Stralis

A recent through the night job provided the opportunity to capture this Iveco Stralis of Volker Laser in a setting which I thought would lend itself quite well to a touch of HDR and tonemapping.
As I have said in the past, tonemapping is not to everyones taste, but Im quite pleased with the result.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Cracks In The Blog.......

For the occasional person that may be following this blog, an apology for the lack of recent updates. Historically the start of the year has proven to be a quiet time for myself, due mainly to a combination of adverse weather, projects not coming online until the new financial year and general quite periods in construction.
The start of 2012 has proved to be an exception to the rule with a number of ongoing projects continuing to require monthly progress photos, some old clients looking to build up portfolios of new images and a number of different clients requesting photographic dilapidation surveys.
The latter may not be the most interesting form of photography, but it does take up a lot of time and requires real attention to detail particularly during the photo cross referencing stages.
Due to the number of dilapidations that we have been carrying out, there has been little spare editing time and so the blog has become a little stagnant.
As a result I have a number of items to update but don't be surprised if they appear out of chronological order !!