Thursday, 31 May 2012

Clee Hills Trial - 'A Classic'

The 'Captain'
 It had been a number of years since I last attended the Clee Hills Classic Trial, but with a fine day forecast and a friend offering to carry out driving duties in his little Suzuki 4x4, aka Black Beauty, plans were made for an early departure to Craven Arms.
Alas my mate, we shall simply call him 'The Captain' still hasn't got to grips with the concept of an early start, so come Sunday morning, with a departure 45 minutes later than planned, we gave the event HQ a miss and headed straight for one of the tests, Flounders Folly.
As luck (and a bit of good navigation) would have it, we arrived 10 minutes before the first car so we didn't actually miss any of the action. Unfortunately this only convinced 'The Captain' that early mornings aren't required, and it was infact only a conspiracy to get him up earlier than necessary!!


Following a successful morning on Flounders Folly we moved on to Priors Holt, The Slab and Enterprise for the afternoon. These are a series of tests located fairly close together on the top of the Long Mynd in an area of forestry beyond the gliding club. At the end of an enjoyable days motorsport I have to say, classic may only refer to the type of trial, but for me, it was the entries in the classic class that stole the show.

NOTE - Although called the Clee Hills Classic, classic trials are not just for classic cars or bikes, they are for all sorts of cars and bikes, what is "classic" is the format of the events. For more details please take a look at Association of Classic Trials Clubs